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    Have the right currency ready for your stopover and destination, all on the one card. Load and lock in today’s exchange rates1 and, unlike using a credit or debit card, you’ll know the exact rate you’re getting every time you make a transaction. If the Australian dollar falls - it won’t affect your spending money.

    Try the currency calculator and see how easy it is.

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    Your Key to the World Currency Card lets you enjoy your getaway without the worry of carrying too much cash, getting stung with unknown conversion and exchange fees, or coming home to unexpected credit card debt.

    Avoid foreign exchange fees 


    Buying your card


    Initial funds load

    Note: A reload fee may be payable for subsequent loads after a card is issues and loaded, either instore or online.


    Making a purchase in the same currency as loaded onto your Card

    Note: some merchants may charge you a fee

    For all fees and limits, please refer to our full schedule Fees and Limits 

    Reloading your card using your secure Key to the World Logon

    Note: charged at the time of reload

    Up to 1.1% of the total amount
    Minimum load amount $100 AUD or currency equivalent
    Maximum load amount/year $100,000 AUD or currency equivalent

    For more details on fees and limits please view the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide.

    Easy to reload

    Reload online at any time, anywhere quickly and easily by logging in to your Key to the World. You can also load via BPAY or by visiting your nearest Flight Centre, Student Flights, Escape Travel, Cruiseabout, My Adventure Store, Travel Associates or Travel Money Oz store.

    Widely accepted

    Accepted at millions of MasterCard friendly retailers and ATMs6. Use it just like a debit or credit card, with Chip and PIN, and contactless payment7.

    Up to 10 currencies

    Load your card with Great British Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, New Zealand Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht and Australian Dollars.

    Manage it online

    See your balance and transactions, reload and transfer between currencies online at any time on any device.


    Spend your own money, budget easily and avoid unexpected holiday debt.

    See fees and limits in full detail

    Fees and Limits


    Travelling is a wonderful adventure, but unfortunately tourists can be an easy target for theft, pickpocketing and fraud. The Key to the World Currency Card has been created to help you keep your money safe.

    Safer than cash

    The Key to the World Currency Card is accepted as payment at restaurants, retailers, online and over the phone, and it can be used at ATMs to withdraw money while you are travelling almost anywhere in the world, where MasterCard is accepted. So don’t feel uncomfortable carrying around large amounts of cash or leaving cash in your hotel room.

    Security plus

    Your card is protected by Chip and PIN and can be cancelled at any time if it is lost or stolen. If it is used without authorisation, you won’t be out of pocket for the transactions thanks to MasterCard Zero Liability4.

    Separate from your bank

    Your Key to the World Currency Card is entirely separate to your everyday savings account, credit card and online banking. In the event your card falls into the wrong hands, it won’t affect your finances back at home.

    Support when you need it

    Our Customer Service line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if you have any troubles on your travels, you can call us and we will help to sort it out.

    Get your Currency Card delivered to your door

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    Foreign currency simplicity

    The Key to the World Currency Card is so easy to use and manage, you’ll hardly have to think about it.


    Reload and manage online

    With your secure Key to the World portal or app, you can check your balance and transactions, load more funds and transfer between currencies online from your phone, tablet or laptop. You can also load via BPAY or in store.

    Simple to budget

    You can monitor the exchange rate via email alerts and convert when the Australian dollar is strong. Because you can reload at any time, you can also transfer onto your Currency Card regularly as a way of saving for your trip. Plus you can monitor in the app how much you've spent.

    10 Currencies, one card

    You can have have Singapore Dollars on your card for your stopover, British Pounds for your arrival and Euros for your adventure. And if you like a spot of American online shopping, you can always load a few USD as well.

    A rate that won’t fluctuate

    Using your bank debit or credit card overseas, you never know what exchange rate you are getting – it changes every day. When you load your Currency Card, your funds are immediately converted into the currencies you choose, locking in that day’s exchange rate.

    Learn how to use your Currency Card

    Using your Currency Card

    Today's rates

    • USD

      United States Dollar 0.7583
    • GBP

      Great British Pound 0.5444
    • SGD

      Singapore Dollar 0.9990
    • EUR

      Euro 0.6065
    • NZD

      New Zealand Dollar 1.0356
    • HKD

      Hong Kong Dollar 5.8653
    • JPY

      Japanese Yen 82.8841
    • CAD

      Canadian Dollar 0.9322
    • THB

      Thai Baht 23.5297

    As at today, 16 Jan, 2018.


    Already have a Key to the World Currency Card? 

    If you have already received your Key to the World Currency Card you ordered online or received one with your purchase of a Cover-More Travel Insurance policy, you can get started right now.

    Activate your card

    Once your card is activated, you can use your Key to the World to:

    • Load currencies on your card
    • Set your default currency
    • Transfer between currencies


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some of the common questions asked about Key to the World. If the answer to your question isn’t there, please get in touch and we will answer you as soon as we can.


    Your personalised Currency Card will arrive within 14 days of you ordering it.

    If you are departing within 14 days you will not be able to order a card online, so we will not accept online orders and suggest you visit your nearest Travel Money Oz store to get a non personalised card on the spot. These are also available at participating Flight Centre stores (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Airports only).


    Your Currency Card can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard. When paying in stores or withdrawing from ATMs, just choose ‘Credit’ and enter your PIN. Always choose to pay in the local currency you have pre-loaded, even if they offer you the option to pay in your home currency (AUD), to avoid being charged amounts associated with a foreign transaction.

    You can also use your Currency Card to pay over the phone or online.

    Visit the Using Your Currency Card page for more information.


    If your Currency Card is lost or stolen, report it immediately at any time by calling our 24/7 Customer Service line on 1800 098 231 (from within Australia). Phone numbers for other countries can be found below or by logging into your Key to the World account and clicking on ‘Need Help’.

    If your card is lost we’ll suspend it. If your card is stolen, we’ll close it to prevent fraud. If your card is lost or stolen while you are overseas, you may be eligible for an emergency cash disbursement where there are sufficient funds on your card.

    If eligible, you can collect emergency funds from approved agent locations. The team will let you know the address details, telephone number and opening hours of the nearest agent location.


    Log in to your Key to the World online on your smartphone, tablet or computer to see your transactions, add funds or transfer between currencies, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

    You can also add details of your travel itinerary such as flights, accommodation and car hire for easy viewing. What’s more, you can see other Key to the World travel essentials you have, such as Cover-More Travel Insurance and Cover-More Global SIM. If you don’t have travel insurance or an international SIM yet, you can get a quote and purchase them there too. It’s one single, secure login to manage it all.


    The easiest way to load money is within your Key to the World. Use the rate calculator to decide how much you want of each currency and then simply pay for the funds using your debit or credit card. Please note that if you use a credit card your card issuer or bank may treat this transaction as a cash advance, incurring interest costs immediately. 

    You can also add money via BPAY which will automatically load the funds into your card’s default currency. You will then need to transfer between currencies. Your default currency is set to AUD. Should you wish to change this, simply log in to your Key to the World and choose ‘Manage my card’.


    1800 098 231

    Currency card - from within Australia

    +44 207 649 9404

    24/7 global emergency assistance - from outside Australia

    New Zealand 0800 444 691
    Australia 1800 098 231
    Hong Kong 800 966 321
    Japan 00531 780 221
    South Korea 00798 4434 1279
    Thailand 001800 442 212
    UK 0800 056 0572
    USA/Canada 1877 465 0085

    Exchange rates for initial loads and subsequent reloads made using methods available via www.keytotheworld.com.au will be set at the prevailing exchange rate set out at www.keytotheworld.com.au at the time of your request, provided you settle the transaction within four hours.  Different exchange rates apply for loads initiated using other methods. If you initiate a load or reload other than via www.keytotheworld.com.au, the exchange rate applied will be the prevailing exchange rate at the time the payment is processed and the funds are received into your facility.   For more information on how exchange rates are set and applied, please see the Product Disclosure Statement at www.keytotheworld.com.au.

    Although the MasterCard Acceptance Mark may be displayed, the Key to the World Currency Card may not operate in some countries and geographical regions, due to restrictions (see FAQ page for current details). In addition, ATMs or POS terminals may not be owned or operated by the Issuer or MasterCard and the Issuer and MasterCard are not responsible for ensuring that merchants will accept the Card. For more information please see the Product Disclosure Statement at  www.keytotheworld.com.au.

    For more information, please visit www.mastercard.com/contactless/. Transaction limits for contactless transactions may change from time to time. For transactions above the limit, additional authorisation is required. Different transaction limits apply in different countries.

    Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to www.mastercard.com.au/zero-liability.html for more details.