As easy as paying on plastic 

Whether you are paying with your card or withdrawing from the ATM, just select ‘Credit’ and enter your PIN. For small amounts, you can simply tap and go using MasterCard contactless1 at supported retailers. To protect your money against unauthorised use, daily withdrawal and spend limits apply.


Always the right currency 

If you have a number of currencies loaded on your card, the correct one for your location will always be deducted first. If you don’t have enough funds for a transaction in that currency, Key to the World will automatically make up the balance from other currencies loaded on your card using that day’s exchange rates.

Accepted everywhere MasterCard® is

Accepted at millions of MasterCard locations and ATMs around the world2, travelling is a breeze. Have the convenience of paying on card or accessing cash when you need it.

Manage your money, wherever you are

See your balance and transactions, transfer money and reload your card online at any time, anywhere with your secure Key to the World login. You can also see your travel itinerary and other Key to the World travel essentials there too.

Sound like a smart way to travel?

Activate your card

Tips to get the most out of your Currency Card

Here are a few tips to ensure you keep your funds for the fun stuff.

  • Always choose ‘Credit’ when paying or withdrawing (even though you are using prepaid funds, as ‘Savings’ will be declined in many cases)

  • Pay in local currency, even if offered to pay in Australian Dollars, or you may end up paying extra currency charges to the retailer

  • Reload funds when they get low to avoid overdrawing (while there is no ‘overdraft’, this can happen if retailers don’t process their transactions immediately and you spend again)
  • Use a regular credit card as security at hotels or on cruise ships rather than your Currency Card, as they often place a hold on an amount of funds preventing you from spending for up to a few weeks until they remove the hold

  • Make sure you have the right currency loaded for your destination

  • Check to see if ATM operators charge you an additional fee and how much it is before withdrawing

Fees and limits simplified

Using your Key to the World Currency Card is a great way to save on fees for foreign exchange and international withdrawals. Here’s what you will and won’t pay for.

What you do pay for

International ATM withdrawals*

(outside Australia)

USD 2.50

EUR 2.50

GBP 2.00

NZD 3.50

THB 80.00

CAD 3.50

HKD 18.00

JPY 260.00

SGD 3.50

AUD 3.501

Reloading your card instore

Up to 1.1% of the total amount

Reloading your card using your secure Key to the World Logon (charged at the time of reload)

Up to 1.1% of the total amount

Reloading your Card using BPAY

1% of the reload amount

Domestic ATM withdrawal fee

2.95% of the amount withdrawn

Cashing out the remaining balance- Cash out fee


Currency Conversion Fee

Applied when a purchase or ATM withdrawal is conducted in a currency either not loaded or sufficient to complete the transaction and the cost is allocated against the currency/ies used to fund the transaction.

MasterCard® rate (“FX Rate”) plus a margin of 5.95% of the transaction value. The MasterCard rate is the exchange rate determined by MasterCard to be their wholesale rate or the government mandated rate in effect in the day the transaction is processed by MasterCard.


What you don’t pay for

Buying your card


Initial funds load

Note: A reload fee may be payable for subsequent loads after a card is issues and loaded, either instore or online


Making purchases in the same currency as loaded onto your Card

Note: some merchants may charge you a fee


Card balances via Key to the World


Transaction History via Key to the World FREE
24 x 7  Customer Service FREE

Inactivity fee


To meet regulatory requirements and to keep your funds secure, some limits apply to how you can use your Currency Card. These limits protect you against unauthorised use, but you may need to plan ahead when moving large amounts.


Key to the World Currency Card Limits

Amount (shown in AUD)

Minimum amount you can load on your Card per load/reload

$100 or currency equivalent

Maximum amount you can load on your Card per load /reload

$10,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum BPAY reload amount per day

$25,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum balance allowed across all currencies during any 12 month period

$100,000 or currency equivalent

Maximum ATM withdrawal amount in any 24 hours

$3,000 or currency equivalent (some ATM operators may set their own withdrawal limits)

Maximum value of EFTPOS transactions during any 24 hour period

$15,000 or currency equivalent

For more details on fees and limits please view the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide.

*Some ATM operators may charge their own fee. If the Currency of your transaction matches one of the Currencies on the Card and there are sufficient funds in that Currency to cover the whole transaction, the relevant fee for that Currency will be applied. If the Currency of your transaction does not match one of the Currencies on the Card and there are insufficient funds in that currency to cover the whole transaction, then the AUD fee will be applied and will be converted into the last Currency being used to fund the transaction at a foreign exchange rate determined by us on the day the transaction is processed.

1For international ATM withdrawals in countries not mentioned above or insufficient funds in the relevant Currency to cover the whole transaction.

#For more information, please visit Transaction limits for contactless transactions may change from time to time. For transactions above the limit, additional authorisation is required. Different transaction limits apply in different countries.

2Although the MasterCard Acceptance Mark may be displayed, the Key to the World Currency Card may not operate in some countries and geographical regions, due to restrictions (see FAQ page for current details). In addition, ATMs or POS terminals may not be owned or operated by the Issuer or MasterCard and the Issuer and MasterCard are not responsible for ensuring that merchants will accept the Card. For more information please see the Product Disclosure Statement at