Get your SIM ready for travel

  1. Activate your SIM through Key to the World and add credit
  2. Ensure your device is unlocked from your network provider
  3. Receive your new number, which will begin with +44
  4. Insert your SIM into your device
  5. Make a test call by dialling *555#
  6. Update your data settings as per the instructions below to ensure you can use the internet on your device while you travel

For full instructions on setting up your Global SIM view our Quick Start Guide.


Fast and free numbers from your Global SIM

Check your account balance: *187#

Add credit: *521#

Retrieve your phone number: *133#

Update your data settings: *172#

Make a test call: *555#

Contact Global SIM Support *500#

Cover-More Travel Insurance emergency assistance (for those with an active policy): *505#

Do you already have a Key to the World Policy or SIM?

Log In Activate your SIM


Global SIM uses a call back service, so once you’ve dialled the number it will disconnect and then phone you back.

To make a call:

  1. Enter the phone number in the international format, which is: + (Country code), drop the first 0 (if calling a landline, drop the 0 of the area code), then the number.
    Example: 0491 570 110 would be +61 491 570 110
    Example:  To call this Australian landline: 02 9003 9560 you would dial:  +61 2 9003 9560
    Tip: To make it easy, change the contact phone numbers of your most regularly called contacts to the international format before you go. They still work with your regular SIM in Australia.

  2. Your call will disconnect and then you’ll receive a call back

  3. Answer and wait for the person you’re calling to pick up

If you experience trouble using the international dialling format, try replacing the plus ‘+’ for a star ‘*’ at the beginning and add a hash (#) at the end, for example: *61 491 570 110#


It’s a good idea to change your data settings before you leave so that you can access the internet from your device while you are away.

For your mobile phone:

  1. Insert the Global SIM into your device
  2. If you are using an iPhone, please ensure that you are connected to Wi-Fi
  3. Dial *172# and click on the link in the text message you will receive
  4. Switch data roaming on


Settings > Cellular or mobile data > Data roaming: ON


Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks > Data enabled: ON

Tip: Save more on data by switching data roaming off when you are not accessing the internet or if you are connected to Wi-Fi.


If you find the network your Global SIM has connected to is not giving you the best service, you may be able to choose another network manually. It’s good to try this if you are having troubles making calls or with texts.


Settings > Carrier > Automatic: OFF > Choose Network

Other mobiles

Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Choose Network


You can use a Global SIM in your iPad too. There are two ways to set up your iPad:

  1. Downloading the data configuration file
    Upon activating your Global SIM, you’ll receive an email with a data configuration file attached. You need to open this email and file from your iPad while the Global SIM is inserted.

  2. Manual Setup
    Settings > Cellular/Mobile > Access Point Name (APN) and change the Cellular/Mobile APN to: globaldata  

Ensure that globaldata is written as one word, all lower case. You can leave the username and the password blank.  

Please also ensure that you have Data Roaming ON when you wish to access data while travelling. This should be located under Settings > General > Mobile Data/Cellular Data > Data Roaming: ON

This is a prepaid service. Handset must be unlocked. Network coverage is not available in all areas. Visit to view full pricing details, rates, coverage and terms and conditions. Telecommunications services are provided by United Global SIM Australia Limited (ABN 49 610 038 509). Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd (ABN 95 003 114 145) and Flight Centre Travel Group Limited (ABN 25 003 377 188) are not the providers of any Global SIM products or services but may receive payments which are linked to customer usage and credit purchased.