Online claim tool

The Cover-More online claim tool is the quick and easy way to make a claim whenever you need to – even while you are travelling. To make a claim, click below and you will be taken to the Cover-More online claim web page.


Submit your claim and have a response or settlement within 10 working days.

If you have any questions, please phone 1300 36 26 44.


Before you make a claim

Supporting documentation

See which documents you need for specific claims below. The more documentation you have to support your claim, the quicker and smoother the process. If you are waiting on documents, you can still submit your claim now and forward the documents when they become available. Supporting documents can include: receipts, reports, medical certification and airline communication.

Multiple claims

If you need to make a claim for more than one event, please do so separately by submitting additional claims.


There are a few specific requirements for different types of claims, so please consult the Product Disclosure Statement for the full instructions and requirements. The following requirements are for the most common claims.

All claims

  • You must take all responsible steps to prevent or minimise a claim
  • Do not make any offer, promise or payment or admit fault or liability without the written consent of Cover-More
  • You must advise Cover-More of any claim or incident which may result in a claim as soon as possible and within 60 days of your return date as shown on your policy
  • You must supply any supporting documents that Cover-More may request, such as original police reports, receipts, valuations and/or medical certificates, at your own expense and you must cooperate fully in the assessment or investigation of your claim

Loss or theft of property

If your luggage, personal property, travel documents or money is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the police and responsible transport provider (if it was lost or stolen whilst in the care of the transport provider) within 24 hours and you need to obtain a written report.

Medical treatment

If you are admitted to hospital or anticipate your medical expenses and additional expenses are likely to exceed $500 Australian dollars, you must phone Cover-More Emergency Medical Assistance as soon as possible. The phone numbers can be found on the back of your Key to the World Card.

Supporting documentation you will need

The more information you can provide to Cover-More to support your claim, the faster it can be processed. The minimum required documentation is outlined below for each of the claim types. You can find full instructions within your Product Disclosure Statement. If you’re making a claim online, you can simply upload scanned copies of your documents but please hold onto the originals.

If you are still waiting on relevant documentation to be issued, don't worry, you’re able to complete your claim form now and add the documents to it when they become available. All claims and supporting documentation must be received within 60 days of the return date of your trip, as listed on your travel insurance policy. If you have concerns about your documents being available in this time frame, please contact Cover-More.

  • Copies or scans of all receipts with itemised account/s (retain the original receipts)
  • Original medical report/dental report/ hospital records confirming the nature of the illness or injury
  • Copies or scans of itemised hotel accommodation accounts, transport tickets and receipts for what is being claimed (retain the original receipts)
  • A copy of your itinerary
  • If your plans changed due to a policy holder’s health, a medical certificate from the medical practitioner consulted (whilst on the journey) confirming the need to change your plans
  • Written confirmation from the transport provider of the cause and period of the delay and the amount of compensation offered by them
  • Copies or scans of itemised receipts for the hotel expenses claimed (retain the original receipts)
  • Documentary evidence from your travel agent which confirms the amount refunded for the unused accommodation
  • Please attach a letter summarising your claim
  • If you are uncertain, please contact Cover-More for advice on the documents required to support your claim(s)
  • If your claim is due to your health, or that of someone else’s (e.g. travelling companion, relative or business partner) please ensure you complete, or have the person whose health has caused the claim complete, the medical authority on page 2 of Claim Form A. Please also ensure that the medical certificate, located on page 4 of Claim Form A, is fully completed by your usual GP, or the person whose health resulted in the claim’s usual GP
  • Have your travel agent complete the claim form and submit the following documentation (please note if you booked your travel plans directly you will need to contact the relevant travel providers and have them forward the following documentation to you)
    • International flights: A copy of the airline fare sheet/rules (showing the fare conditions)
    • For tours, cruises, accommodation, etc.: A copy of the supplier’s booking conditions. If the booking conditions do not allow Cover-More to calculate an exact cancellation fee (e.g. if they say the cancellation fee will be - “up to 50%” rather than “50%”) a letter from the supplier advising the net amount paid and the amount refunded by the supplier is also required
    • A copy of the original itemised invoice
    • A copy of the itinerary
  • Copies or scans of the loss report from the transport provider with confirmation that all of your luggage was delayed, the length of time your total luggage was delayed and details of compensation paid by them (retain the original report)
  • Copies or scans of itemised receipts for essential, emergency purchases of clothing and toiletries (made whilst your luggage was delayed) (retain the original receipts)
  • Original Rental Agreement showing the excess you were liable to pay
  • Copy of the itemised repair invoice showing the cost of repairs to the vehicle
  • If another party was at fault, written confirmation from them of the compensation payable by them
  • Copies or scans of loss/theft/damage reports e.g. police report, hotel report, transport provider letter, etc. (retain the original reports)
  • For items lost or stolen while in the custody of a transport provider: Cover-More requires a letter from the transport provider advising the amount of compensation they are paying. Travel insurance protects you against the amount the transport provider is unable to compensate you for, subject to your policy conditions and limits. You need to claim compensation from the transport provider in the first instance before submitting your claim to Cover-More.
  • Other Items: Copies or scans of purchase receipts (or duplicates from the place of purchase) are best. Other documents you may submit for consideration are warranty cards, instruction manuals, credit card/bank statements, photographs or packaging.
  • Damaged Items: Obtain from a repairer (of your choice) a quote stating the repair cost or a letter stating that the item is damaged beyond economic repair
  • Copies of receipts for replacement items if you have replaced the items which were lost, stolen or damaged
  • Retain the original receipts

Making a claim with Cover-More is simple.

Make a claim Get a quote


If you don’t have access to the internet or to a scanner, you can send your paperwork in the old fashioned way.

To make a claim by mail, follow these simple steps.

If your claim is arising from a medical condition, please ensure that the Medical Form is completed by the regular medical practitioner (of at least 12 months) of the person the claim relates to.

If you booked via a travel agent, please have your agent complete the agent form and supply the necessary documents for the assessment of your claim.

For further information on making a claim, please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement or contact Cover-More.

  1. Download a travel insurance claim form

The Claim Form and Medical Form can be found on Covermore's How to Make a Claim page.


  1. Add supporting documentation
    The more documentation you can provide the more clearly Cover-More can understand the situation. The minimum required supporting documentation for each particular claim can be found further up this page.
  1. Make a copy
    Whilst Cover-More requires you to send originals, it is highly recommend that you keep copies of everything as a back up.
  1. Send it to Cover-More
    Cover-More Travel Insurance
    Claims Department
    Private Bag 913
    North Sydney
    NSW 2059

For further details regarding Cover-More travel insurance products and the claims process, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.